Thursday, September 18, 2014

Settling in...

So, I ventured into the QUB area today to find my way around campus and libraries. I am a student of essentially 3 different schools/institutions. It is rather confusing so I'll post more about the programme next week after orientation. 

I found my way to Union Theological College to examine the library and see what my privileges are at this particular library since I am a post-graduate student at QUB but not through Union. 

I will have full catalogue access, and internet privileges, but no borrowing access, which is a bummer, but I will enjoy spending some time utilizing the shelves and magnificent reading room. 

After spending a wee but of time looking through the resources available, I ventured out to see the main historic building of campus. 

I have orientation at QUB next week where I will register for my modules on Tuesday. My BBC registration also coincides with this next week as well so I will update as I can piece together how to explain my status as a student of three institutions (persons) under one degree (substance). Thus beginning my trinitarian  studies in enrolement (practicing my UK English writing skills).

More to come...


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